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About Us

Hello! I’m Taia, and Scenterella is my new homemade, hand-poured, eco-friendly candle business. Based in Dorset, Scenterella was created following the first UK lockdown when I fell in love with making candles whilst desperately searching for a new home-based hobby to keep me occupied. All was going smoothly until I realised that I was obsessed with buying new fragrances to experiment with! Several candles and one empty
bank account later, I accepted my addiction and decided to come up with a way my new favourite pastime could fund itself… and thus Scenterella was born!

When you buy from Scenterella, you’re helping to support a small eco-friendly business, and on a more personal level helping me to fund my degree (in Environmental Science!), spoil my dog rotten and continue a new-found hobby that makes my home - and yours - smell lovely! Not only this, but on a wider scale you are supporting recycling, reusing and the UK-based, environmentally responsible suppliers I purchase my materials from… all in one candle!

Fog and Nature

How Does Scenterella Care for the Environment? 

Through Scenterella, I focus on producing the finest quality soy candles whilst minimising the impact of the business on the environment. I use recycled glass to house each hand-poured candle, vegan-friendly eco wicks, carbon-neutral soy wax, and all packaging is made from recycled materials where possible, or alternatively reused from my own household! Every single product is measured, poured, labelled and stored with love and care to ensure minimal wastage and the finest end result.

Scenterella promotes re-using! If you live within 3 miles of us and have no further use for your candle jar once it’s finished, let us know and we will come and take it off your hands to be washed and re-used. In return, you will receive £1 off your next purchase from Scenterella for every jar you return. If you live further away or
want to give your jar a magical new lease of life yourself, send us a pic of your creation or tag us on social media for your £1 discount.

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