(4 x 6 squares) Snap Bar Wax Melts

(4 x 6 squares) Snap Bar Wax Melts


Simply break off the sections from your 4-by-6 piece snap bar and place in a wax melt burner before sitting back and enjoying the incredible scent.


We recommend snapping between 2 and 4 sections at a time, depending on how strong or subtle you’d like the scent.


Available in the following scents:

Chocolate Macaroon

Clean Cotton & Lavender

Cola Bottles

Dorset Coastline

English Rose

Green Apple

Lady Million


Lychee & Peony

Mulled Wine

Orange & Bergamot

Sweet Pea & Honey

Tibetan Musk



About Wax Melts


Scenterella wax melts come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes for you to choose from, giving you the ability to personalise the loving scents to your taste. With eco ingredients and packaging, there’s nothing not to love! Simply place your wax melt into a wax melt burner (available in our store), light a tealight and enjoy a room-filling fragrance within minutes!


Can’t find a wax melt in your favourite fragrance? Give us an email to let us know, and we’ll do all we can to get it in stock and made up for you ASAP!


As with all Scenterella products, our wax melts are handmade in the UK using natural wax and locally sourced, eco-friendly essential and fragrance oils.


Choose from 2 - 10 bars of your favourite, highly scented wax melts in your preferred shape and fragrance and have it created especially for you!