'Bonita' Body Candle
  • 'Bonita' Body Candle


    The perfect gift for any mamas / mamas-to-be, ‘Bonita’ compliments the stunning pregnant female form and is available as an unscented ornament or a fragranced candle. Please include your scent preference in the message box at checkout, otherwise we’ll assume you’d like an unscented candle!


    About the ‘Beautiful Bodies’ collection

    All bodies are beautiful, and this new range aims to encapsulate the beauty of every shape and size. The best news? This is just the beginning, more beautiful body types and colour options to be added soon…


    A unique range of naked body candles inspired by the diverse range of female and male body forms, these figures are approximately 10cm x 6cm, and handmade with 100% natural soy, rapeseed and coconut waxes and eco-friendly natural wicks, and are all available with your choice of scents (or no scent)! Please add your preference in the message box at checkout.


    The burn time of each Beautiful Body is approximately 2 hours. As these are pillar candles - not in a container or jar - please ensure that if you choose to light your candle you should only do so on a plate or coaster (ideally ceramic, glass or marble type) that you don’t mind getting waxy!


    Like all Scenterella candles, our ‘Beautiful Bodies’ are made to order to assure your candle was handmade with all the love it deserves. As a result, every candle is one of a kind and unique to you. This means you may also notice some light frosting, which can be a result of the natural waxes we use.


    • Care Instructions

      • Trim your wick to approximately 5mm before each burn.
      • Protect your surfaces by using something as a base for your candle (I find a mug coaster works best, just make sure it is not something you are precious about!). This prevents heat damage to your surfaces and encourages an even burn.
      • Ensure nothing is hanging over your candle also to avoid burned surfaces.
      • Use a candle snuffer to gently put out the flame when you are done using your candle. This prevents wax from escaping the candle and minimises smoke.
      • Once the flame is extinguished make sure the wick is upright and centred.