Candle Snuffer
  • Candle Snuffer


    The Scenterella candle snuffer can be used to safely extinguish all types of burning candles, from tea lights to votives to larger jars!


    Available in:

    Chrome (silver)


    Rose Gold


    Did you know that it is not recommended for you to blow your candles out? Snuffing out the candle using a specially made snuffer is the safest way to avoid accidentally knocking over the candle and preventing hot wax splatters on yourself or nearby surfaces.


    A candle snuffer starves the flame of oxygen, ensuring that it goes out gently, without giving the wax a chance to spatter. Additionally, using a snuffer reduces the chances of the wax becoming uneven around the wick, thus causing an uneven burn and shorter lifespan of the candle.


    How to use the Scenterella candle snuffer: Hold it about 1cm above the wax, and let your snuffer do the rest... The lack of oxygen will put the candle out! Be careful not to hold it too close to the candle itself as you may end up with wax all over the bell