Lychee & Peony

Lychee & Peony


About This Fragrance


A lusciously fun, floral fragrance with notes of delicate lychee supported by sweet floral peony. This candle truly erupts with aroma, filling your home with fresh, exotic lychee fruit within moments of being lit. You may catch the fruity background of rhubarb and pear enhanced by gentle citrus and floral jasmine, or perhaps you’ll notice the sugar-sweet vanilla bean base. There really is something in this scent for everyone, securing it’s place as a firm favourite despite being one of Scenterella’s newest scents!


About 20cl Candles

The simple, traditional design of Scenterella’s 20cl jar candle reflects a relaxed sense of style that compliments virtually any interior décor. Conveniently easy to use, this candle provides approximately 30 hours of true fragrance enjoyment if cared for correctly.