Orange & Bergamot Scented Tealights (Box of 12)
  • Orange & Bergamot Scented Tealights (Box of 12)


    Made with only the finest Calabrian bergamot and orange essential oils, these sweet candles are bursting with fresh, tangy and lightly spiced aromas.


    Bergamot is known to elevate mood and reduce stress. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties which makes it useful for a variety of health problems.


    Orange essential oil is extracted from the orange peel by cold-pressing. The oil has a pale yellow to orange colour, giving your candle a deeper tint.* Orange has been known to calm the symptoms of anxiety and uplift your mood.


    These candles are made with essential oils. Essential oils are made from natural aromatic plant parts only, rather than combined with synthetic components such as in a fragrance oil. Burning essential oil candles can be a much more cleansing experience, perfect for a nice relaxing bath or a chilled evening with a glass of wine!


    (Box of 12 tealights)


    *Due to the natural tint of the oil, the colour of your candles may vary slightly to those pictured here.

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